1. Good

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  2. b0ylita:

    ariana grand ft zedd - break free (nightcore’d)


  3. Never forget.

  5. Kisses? For breakfast!? What will they think of next?

  6. Macy Gray: Ariana Grande tribute act?


  7. Amazing/Terrible/Hilarious, but mostly terrible comments on QT’s “Hey QT” (Which is captial A Amazing, ‘BTW’)


    This also counts as a review

  8. Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

    I need a pacemaker.

  9. QT - Hey QT


    It’s not exactly “Bipp" or "Attachment”, is it?

    For all the groans of how this song is so obviously 'art school pop pastiche' made by people who apparently 'hate' pop music, I have to admit, the so called 'pretension' doesn't register at all for when when hearing this. I hear a joking sensibilitiy to it, which is kinda an undercurrent in all PC Music productions. But the joke is just an inherent thing. Basically, it's not laughing at pop. It's laughing with pop etc. 

    Just don’t read the actually annoying energy drink manifesto bullshit press release that accompanies this song. It just makes you want to hate it. But how can you hate something so pure?

    Also: “Yeahhhh??” is the new “SO!”

    Also, also: “Bubblegum bass” -as a genre title- is just terrible

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  10. Kaela Kimura - OLE! OH!

    This is basically JPOP’s answer to ‘Boom Clap’. So, it’s ‘fantastic’ built upon ‘amazing’. Great.