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    Neneh Cherry | Deborah Feingold, 1990

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  3. Anonymous said: what are you expecting from nicki's anaconda?? also did you like did it on em??

    something good, preferably. the single cover and recent antics of nicki’s haven’t instilled much faith in me but i could just still be put out cold by the actually shit ‘Pills n Potions’. i just want something that is true to nicki. i don’t care if it’s as pop as pop can be or if it’s make soccer moms lock the door hardcore rap. i just want something that sounds like nicki made it because she wanted to and felt she should and not because she’s bending herself to fit whatever is hot at the moment

    and i do like ‘Did It On Em’ but there are a lot of lines on that particular song i find hard to approve of (mostly the lines about ‘nappy headed hoes need a permanator’), but it is a certified #Bop



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    I haven’t posted as regularly as I’d like but I do want you to know I am working on new ‘material’ as we speak. There’s a plethora of new music I want to discuss and rant about but until then how about you

    • Recommend/submit some songs/videos/whatever you want me to talk about/review
    • Or even ask me anything about music, period. What I think of _ new single or what my favorite song is on ______’s 3rd album. 

    The inbox is open! And will probably remain open for years to come.

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  6. 2 very bizarrely structured sentences from 2 very fantastic songs from this year

    • "there ain’t no guarantee, but i’ll take a chance on we!"
    • "i only wanna die alive, never by the hands of a broken heart. i don’t want to hear you lie tonight, now that i’ve become who i really are"
  7. srsly this backdrop for miley cyrus’ bangerz tour performance of ‘do my thang’ is the absolute best thing miley will likely ever commit her likeness to. so incredible

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    Remember the time Britney Spears thought multiple monkeys were inside a single hat.

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  9. Nominees for a new socially voted category, “Best Lyric Video” will be announced at a later date on vma.mtv.com.

    Oh this is great news! As the ‘lyric video’ becomes more and more of a neccessary component to a songs success, I think it’s brilliant that MTV will recognize it and nominate the best. Might I recommend some choices?

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  10. Things that are notable about the 2014 Video Music Awards nominations

    1. Lana Del Rey nominated for “best cinematography” for ‘West Coast’. NOt with that After Effects copy and paste “dancing in the flames” sequence.

    2. ‘Lady’s Gaga’ was entirely snubbed as was MTV Darling of 2013, Miley Cyrus. Seriously? Only 2 nominations? And you should the whole network down last summer TO CELEBRATE HER 21ST BIRTHDAY? Fascinating.

    3. Lorde once again being shoehorned into the increasingly obsolete category of “Best Rock Video”. What separates Imagine Dragons’ “live performance dedicated to a dead fan” video from seeing them live? Where did the art go, precious?

    4. Beyoncé was a BIT over nominated for categories that really don’t make a lot of sense. I would love to hear the argument that the ‘choreo’ to ‘Partition’ is more worthy of the ‘Elusive’ Moonman than something of greater technical and emotional worth like Sia’s ‘Chandelier’. That’d be a fascinating ramble.

    5. The video for ‘Problem’ is actually kind of shit and doesn’t deserve many if any awards and or nominations but we gotta give the future New Britney something. Or not. Britney didn’t even win an award at the show until 2008.

    6. Usher is getting the “Video Vanguard” award this year which is very bizarre because I genuinely cannot describe to you how a single Usher video looks and I LOVE Usher.

    7. Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” really should just win Best Pop Video. Also, amazing. She’s nominated for Pop video and not Rap. Not even MTV buys it.

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