1. Mejia Sisters - Stray (Keep Em On a Leash)

    "I’d be worth your time, cuz I keep it tight


    but the rest of the song is like a 


  2. Fergie - L.A.LOVE (la la)

    Was this worth an eight year wait? No.

    Is it horrible? No.

    Is it good? Maybe.

    Is it catchy? Kind of.

    Is it undeniably Fergie, thus a smidgen of greatness is found somehow? YES

    Does it feature even more questionable prounouncations/spelling that is often found in Fergie’s music a la ‘tastey’? Frahnce. Lahndah. VENISSSHH.

    Is it basically The Nations of the World from Animaniacs, produced by DJ Mustard with an increasingly grating ragtime piano chorus? Yes :(


  3. Aretha Franklin - Rolling In The Deep (The Aretha Version)

    This sounds exactly how you think it would sound, except not as good. Aretha’s voice sounds like it is deteriorating in front of our eyes, reaching a Bronski Beat level shrillness. Also: autotune.


  4. FEMM - ‘Whiplash’

    Militant misandry and aspirations of monetary vitality not your thing? Maybe this brush of electropop euphoria will do the trick, or at the very least take out the kink in your neck. It moves fast enough to do so

    The act, whose debut album Femm-isation will be released…tomorrow (!!!!!!!!!!!), have traded in their harsh, grimey assembly line beats of ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money' (which is still their best song!) for something more streamlined and energetic but no less abrasive and tough. 

    "Don’t break your neck love, because she’s gorgeous. She’ll never take care of a quadriplegic." Amazing. Quite the tight leash you have your boyz on, FEMM. 


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  5. Nick Jonas - ‘Jealous’

    Between ‘Chains’ and now ‘Jealous’, I am convinced Nick Jonas may just be the sole highlight in a sea of otherwise boring male pop acts. It’s a good song, but the video is truly horrible. At one point it resembles the opening swing dancing from Mulholland Drive, but not so intentionally cheap looking.


  6. happy 16th anniversary
    '…baby one more time' released on september 30, 1998

    It’s a holiday, then

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  7. Basically if you’re a fan of actually popular era Lady Gaga ‘performance art’ stunts, you would like this

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  8. RE: ‘Hey QT’, I realized while listening to the song in an attempt to divorce it from it’s high concept trapping and hear it as a nearly brilliant pastiche of bubblegum dance in the vein of Fast Food Rockers or Toy-Box is just barely futile. It really dawned on me when watching the live ‘performance’ of ‘Hey QT’ at QT’s Boiler Room set how kind of amazing the hook of “HEY QT! YEAAAAH?" is in the guise of like a jingle for this mythical energy elixir drink in the form of a pop star. It’s better to hear it as the intended purpose. I imagine the music video would resemble a very bizarre soda commercial

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  9. cigsnchocolatemilk said: hi! maybe you could check out my cover of chasing time if you have a chance? thank you :)

    this isn’t that kinda blog, i’m sorry! it’s pretty enough but acoustic guitar remakes of hip hop/pop songs aren’t anyone’s bag. you have a very soulful voice and the chorus sounds very nice but the song itself doesn’t work very well in the form you chose to cover it!

  10. herculeanluxe:

    how is this possible


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