1. Hilary Duff - Chasing The Sun

    I actually think I would have preferred Hilary Duff’s Big Comeback Single to be a by the numbers Sia written, Pharrell produced, Nicki Minaj featured genetically modified hit as opposed to this almost insidious Care Free Fun In The Sun disappointment. More like Hilary Fluff. More like Hilary Guff. More like Hilary Bluff (as in I was bluffing when I thought to myself that this would be anything more than what it was when I first heard it was written by the same woman who brought us “Bubbly" and that her upcoming record was ‘influenced’ by Mumford & Beards and the Mason Jarineers)

    Imagine if this was “Soak Up The Sun" instead. Wouldn’t that be something worth anticipating. Also, she says the title a rousing 16 times which is a bit much. GOD I WISH THIS WAS SOAK UP THE SUN INSTEAD

  2. Tove Lo - Not On Drugs

    She is definitely NOT on drugs, that much we can make out. But, is it because she is “alone" or "in love”? Either way, this is a dark-ish bit of drug (or not) rattled paranoid/hurt Swede pop. Tove Lo already been has one of the best singles of the year (“Habits (Stay High)”) under her belt, but I’m sure she could vouch for a new notch in it to fit this one in there. And, yes, in case you’re wondering THIS WOULD MAKE AN AMAZING MILEY CYRUS SINGLE AS WELL

  3. Yemi Marie - Love Bop

    Finding love on the dance floor is always a subject worth singing about. 

  4. FEMM - Fxxk Boyz Get Money

    It’s “fuck boyz” as in ‘fuck you' and not as in 'fuck me’. FEMM has absolutely no time at all for men, period. They’d rather let ‘silly boys’ go ‘back to their mother and Fisher Price toys’, which is really just an amazing kiss off of a lyric.

    It’s a bit of a donk of a harsh, pounding beat and it’s almost re contextualization of Biggie Smalls’ immortal hook has to be the most infectious and immediate choruses of the year.

    But really, the line about Fisher Price toys is A!M!A!Z!I!N!G … . 


  5. Sophie - Lemonade

    At first it kinda sounds like shit pouring into a toilet but that’s just the intro and then the actual song and you realize it all kinda sounds the same.

    And then that Max Martin STOMP! bit comes in and it magically becomes an Aqua song and it’s near ‘Bipp’ levels of greatness and then it deteriorates into what I call ‘plastic diarheea’. 

    Not a scratch on “Lemonade" or "Lemonade" or "Lemonade" or even "Bipp”, for that matter. And it’s like hardly even two minutes. What the fuck!


  6. everyone, meet Victoria Duffield. She is 19 years old and she has released what some critics (Mostly me) are calling “The New ‘Call Me Maybe’”. it’s called “MORE THAN FRIENDS”, as in more than just ‘mutual friends’. I think it serves as both a logical sequel to the pure bubblegum teen dramatics of Carly Rae Jepsen and also a somewhat accurate partner to another really infectious song about Internet usage of this year. In this ‘Post NSA World’ isn’t it amazing to have a pop song with the lyrics

    "Keep on clicking through your memories.. yeah, we fit together like a puzzle piece!". Amazing. Kinda creepy. Stalkerish, even. But hey, so was ‘Call Me Maybe’. Then the chorus comes and you’re like "Oh, of course" because what an obvious hook but it’s such a great one.

  7. One of the year’s most disappointing albums just became the year’s best EP 

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    Neneh Cherry | Deborah Feingold, 1990

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  10. Anonymous said: what are you expecting from nicki's anaconda?? also did you like did it on em??

    something good, preferably. the single cover and recent antics of nicki’s haven’t instilled much faith in me but i could just still be put out cold by the actually shit ‘Pills n Potions’. i just want something that is true to nicki. i don’t care if it’s as pop as pop can be or if it’s make soccer moms lock the door hardcore rap. i just want something that sounds like nicki made it because she wanted to and felt she should and not because she’s bending herself to fit whatever is hot at the moment

    and i do like ‘Did It On Em’ but there are a lot of lines on that particular song i find hard to approve of (mostly the lines about ‘nappy headed hoes need a permanator’), but it is a certified #Bop